Aloha nui loa (greetings wholeheartedly)! I practice and facilitate energies in Hawaiian, Seraphic conscious and Reiki. I created a trilogy of workshops called Hana Ea Lani (Heaven's Life Work). I am the Founder and Co-Creator of Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center. I teach all levels of Reiki including a specialized format for kids and teens. I facilitate in-person and teleconference courses on Seraphic Wisdom. I am a Marine Biologist and work at the local aquarium in Las Vegas. This allows me to be in touch with my analytical mind and intuitive nature since I have always felt drawn towards the ocean and marine life.

Here is a little about my background:  I'm the daughter of a culturally-strong Hawaiian woman who hummed to me, colored happy faces on the bottoms of my toes and constantly told me I am capable of doing anything I can dream up.  From her I have been taught compassion, resilience, and fortitude.  My yoga-instructor father is as limber in limb as he is in finances, wit, and intelligence.  From him I've learned the worth of giving someone my word, hard-work, and laughter.  My parents contributed metaphysics and mystical awareness to my life since I was a young girl.  My mother spoke to me about Hawaiian mysticism and stories of the old ways.  I worked at my father's metaphysical book store and attended his yoga classes.

Metaphysics have always been a part of my life.  It has never scared or alarmed me; it feels natural and safe.  Being around my father's Metaphysical Fairs, I have known about Energy healing.  Healing has always intrigued me, but I didn't believe I could be a healer and nor was I quite ready for it.  Once I worked for several years in my marine field, I repeatedly came across animals' servitude to mankind.  I've recently felt an overwhelming sense to meld my knowledge of animals with holistic healing into one practice to help others.  Thus, began my exploration of the healing arts and my Spirit Team found Reiki for me.  In fact, my Reiki Master once said, "You don't find Reiki, Reiki finds you."  She was right!  This triggered a great urge in me to explore other modalities as well.

As a scientist, I am an intense thinker full of curiousity who believes in personal experiences as validation. Since then, my spiritual journey has expanded beyond my visions.  I am truly appreciative of all the beautiful souls and bountiful abundance that have been put on my path.  You will find the Universe will support you once you decide to take the initial step towards your spiritual evolution and self transformation.  You will take off!

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was once quoted stating, "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey."  So here I am, doing my
best on this human journey; to honor my soul's calling, love my children, share with my husband, and to simply be.

Until then, wishing you enough,
Eren Nalani

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